Featured Label – Abelha Organic Cachaça (Brazilian Rum)
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Last Summer Tom Stockley from The Responsible Trading Company based out of Bristol, England reached out to our leader Bob Petrie needing custom labels fast. Tom was looking for someone with the expertise to handle a unique label for a new liquor launching into the States – Abelha Organic Cachaça.

Abelha Cachaça posed some challenges but our team was up for it.

Abelha label

Getting the Correct Size Label

The first step was getting the artwork ready for press. Due to the unique shape of Abelha’s bottle, a small taper was needed on the label to prevent any wrinkling. Our lead artist John Lemons stepped up to the mathematical challenge. Through trial and error, John was able to figure out the right amount of distortion needed for the label. This distortion was so subtle, you would never tell just by looking at the bottle. With this process wrapped up, John was able to send the artwork over to the printing department and they started the next phase, press proof.

Requested a Specific Material

For this order, Abelha Cachaça requested a press proof.  A press proof can be incredibly helpful for customers, allowing them to see and feel what the potential final label will be. Because of the unique shape of their bottle and the introduction of our all new material, Latitude Wine Stock, Abelha requested a press proof from Grace printed on the same label press that would eventually print all their labels. Specially designed to wick away moisture from the bottle to prevent any tearing or peeling of the label, Latitude proved to be a great choice for their bottle. After receiving their press proof, Tom excitedly approved it and the label was ready for press.

Unique Die Cut for a Top and Bottom Label

Abelha’s label also had a unique cut to it. With two labels being applied to the bottle at the same time, the die cut for the label was tight and had to be lined up just right. This was a big task but nothing our expert technician Shannon couldn’t handle. Quickly, a couple of test runs were done on blank labels to make sure the label and die alignment were correct.

Tight Registration with a Foil Stamp and Emboss

Towards the end of Abelha’s production, we faced two challenges. With foil stamp and embossing, our expert technician Mike had his hands full. The greatest difficulty was registration, getting the hot stamp to line up perfectly with the drop shadow and the embossing plate to line up with the white ink. Quite a few trial and errors were done, but in the end, Mike did an amazing job giving this label its unique look. The final phase was rewind. With a rare rewind #7 and two labels being applied at the same, our output department faced a challenge. Our rewinder Allyssa wasted no time getting it done allowing for us to send out these amazing labels, amazingly fast.

In the end, Grace’s customer was elated with the quality and timeliness of the labels they received. The product label was on time and on target.

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  1. Their advanced machinery, along with the expertise of employees, they could get the job done – accurately, on time, and on budget. After sizing and proofing, Grace Imaging turned to the L-4533AW to deliver accurate spot colors.