Grace Imaging Security Labels
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Security Labels – we need them, we need to feel them, and we need to see them.

Buyers of your product need to have visual verification that what they are buying is safe and has not been tampered with. Security labels are found for example on cosmetic packages, nutritional supplement packages, concert tickets, and more. Consumers look for products that are packaged and sealed with safety steps taken into account for reassurance.  We do not think about the importance of security labels until we see a product that has been opened – that it has been tampered with. As a business owner this is the first step to protecting your product and building consumer loyalty.

Materials and Finishes

There are a variety of different materials and finishes to choose from for security labels, here are just a few descriptions:
  • White or Silver “VOID” – This security label is great when removed an adhesive is left behind displaying the word “VOID.” The VOID labels can be used to protect products, equipment and for controlling access to files and used to prevent tampering. 

Grace Imaging Security Label VOID

  • White Destructible Film – A tamper evident synthetic material great in showing signs of product tampering. Destructible Film label is used to maintain calibrations of equipment and security of documents, when removed the label chips into tiny, sticky pieces, showing that the product has been tampered with. 

Grace Imaging Security Destructible Film

  • Holographic film – Used to help prevent counterfeiting, alterations and tampering of event tickets or ID badges by printing tamper-proof holographic images to these items or other labels needing to be protected.

Grace Imaging Security Label Holographic

  • Variable Data Imprinting – Used for labels requiring different individual printed codes or numbers.

Grace Imaging Security Label Variable Label

  • Security Code Labels with QR code – QR coded labels can be used with a variety of finishes and materials a lot of information can be saved in a small box space. Each code can be unique based on needs. 

Grace Imaging Security Label QR Code


Grace Imaging wants to help protect your products, to withstand tampering and help prevent theft with our custom security labels. We can also assist you in selecting the best options needed for your product. Whatever your security needs are, we have the highest quality label stock to supply to meet your needs.

Amazing labels – Amazingly secure – Amazingly fast.