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Grace runs with Glass City Marathon

Saturday, April 28th, two members of the Grace Imaging team took off their work hats and put on their running shoes for Toledo’s 43rd Glass City Marathon. The Glass City Marathon has been a yearly tradition for Toledo since 1971. As one of the 25 fastest races in the nation, the Glass City Marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

Q: Why did you decide to run a marathon?
Bob: It was a personal goal to run a full marathon in under four hours. I was excited to have finished at 3 hours, 52 minutes and 42 seconds.
Shannon: It is part of how I keep a healthy and active lifestyle. I like the discipline that running requires. It allows me to clear my mind and focus on one thing.

Q: Was this your first marathon?
Bob: No, I have run two. My first marathon was 16 years ago for the 27th Glass City Marathon and my second marathon is the 43rd Glass City Marathon.
Shannon: No. I’ve been running for a while. So far, the 43rd Glass City Marathon is my third marathon.


Q: What was it like training for the marathon?
Bob: My training program started on January 3rd and ran 17 weeks.  I ran smaller races such as the New York City Half Marathon and had great support from Dave’s MIT running program based here in Toledo. There is a lot of hard work that goes into a marathon and there are no short cuts.
Shannon: I started training in January and I spent that time focusing on the process. I am always trying to grow in some aspect of my training, so with this session I gave special attention to cross-training and balance.

Q: What are you looking forward too for your future races?
Bob: I’m hoping someday to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I enjoy the hard work that goes into running and the great support from my running program.
Shannon: I signed up for a trail run that’s coming up soon. But it’s all about the process so I’ll continue to be active and build off what I know and embrace new challenges that come my way.

Grace Imaging is proud of its amazing team in and out of the office. We hope Bob and Shannon have many more successful races as they continue their marathon journey.

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