4 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Product Label Material Matters

Label material upgrade.

In the bustling market of today, how your product looks can be just as important as its quality. First impressions are pivotal, and often, the battle for customer attention is won or lost on the store shelves. At Grace Imaging, we’re dedicated to ensuring your products not only capture but also hold that attention with premium label materials that elevate your brand. Here’s why and how upgrading your label materials with us can be a game-changer for your business.

The Importance of High-Quality Label Materials

1. Durability: Labels face numerous environmental stresses, from moisture and UV light to physical wear and tear during shipping. High-quality materials are essential to ensure your label withstands these challenges, keeping your brand looking pristine and professional in any condition.

2. Aesthetic Appeal: A label is a crucial element of your product’s packaging. Upgrading to superior materials can enhance the visual appeal of your labels, making them more vibrant, appealing, and reflective of the quality of your product.

3. Brand Perception: High-quality labels speak volumes about the value of your product and brand. Customers often equate the quality of packaging with the quality of the product inside, making premium labels a key factor in positive brand perception.

4. Compliance and Safety: In certain industries, like pharmaceuticals and food and beverage, labels must adhere to strict regulatory standards. High-quality materials ensure compliance without sacrificing style or durability.

NOTICE: high-quality label material on a Kraft liner (left) vs. low-quality label material on a hard to apply cheap liner (right).

How Grace Imaging Can Help Upgrade Your Labels

1. Diverse Material Selection: At Grace Imaging, we offer a range of custom label materials tailored to meet the specific needs of your product and industry. Our offerings include polyester for its durability and resistance, vinyl for flexibility and weather resistance, BOPP for its clarity and resistance to oil and water, and elegant specialty materials for a luxurious finish.

2. Custom Finishes: To further customize your labels, we provide a variety of finishes that enhance both the look and feel of your products. From glossy and matte laminations to striking metallic foils and tactile embossing, each option adds a unique dimension to your packaging.

3. Eco-friendly Options: Sustainability is increasingly important to consumers. We offer environmentally friendly label materials that allow you to maintain high standards of quality and durability while also honoring your commitment to the environment.

4. Fast Prototyping and Quick Turnaround: We understand the importance of speed in the retail world. Our fast-prototyping services let you preview and refine your labels before committing to full production, ensuring they meet your exact standards. With our quick turnaround times, your upgraded labels are ready when you need them, helping you get to market faster.

Upgrade your label materials with Grace Imaging.
Low quality labels (left) and our high-quality labels (right).

Why Customers like Willow Creek Winery Choose Grace Imaging for Label Upgrades

Our clients choose us because we understand that a label does more than identify your product—it tells your brand’s story. At Grace Imaging, we combine advanced technology with personalized customer service to deliver not just labels, but true branding solutions. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that when you upgrade your labels with us, you’re not just investing in a piece of adhesive material, but in your brand’s future.

For instance, upgrading your labels with Grace Imaging ensures a significant enhancement in quality, as demonstrated by our work with Willow Creek Winery. Willow Creek Winery came to us after spending a considerable amount on labels that looked like they were printed at home on photo sticky paper, complete with low-quality peel-off liner. We were astonished by the subpar labels they had received and knew we could provide a much better solution.

By digitally printing their labels onto our premium Estate 8 material, we were able to deliver labels that not only looked professional but also enhanced the winery’s overall brand image. With Grace Imaging, Willow Creek Winery’s labels now reflect the high quality of their wines, standing out on the shelf more than ever before.

Contact Grace Imaging today and take the first step towards a brighter, bolder market presence.


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Toledo Spirits
We ran out of our Fox Trot labels and had a big release coming up and Grace imaging came thru to get us our labels the next day.
Abelha Organic Cachaca
We approached Grace as we needed someone with the expertise to handle delivering a unique label very quickly. The Grace team was able to meet and exceed all of our needs, and help us create a beautiful, high-quality label that was on time and on target.
Sandy with The Victory Center
Grace is a wonderful company dedicated to excellent customer service. They are also generous with charitable donations. Highly recommend!
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