• Are you looking for fast, quality labels?
  • Do you have questions about which material or finish is right for your product? 
  • Will your label be subjected to extreme conditions, such as, wet or freezing conditions?
  • Are you a wine or brewery company looking to have your label stand out among the competition? 
  • Do you need help in creating your barcode or typesetting your ingredients? 

Grace Imaging’s label experts can help you with all these questions and exceed your expectations. The process is easy: just fill out the form on this page or chat directly with one of our representatives. One of our experienced associates will contact you with more information about what is needed to get started creating the label that is perfect for your needs. For those of you that have a design, simply fill out the form and upload your artwork.

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Here are some helpful tips to maintain top quality and get labels fast:
  • Outline your fonts.
  • Build bleeds (1/16”), when necessary.
  • Make sure artwork has a minimum of 300dpi resolution.
  • Embed your images; do not include as link images.
  • Review artwork for spelling & grammar mistakes. 
  • Make sure your artwork is the correct size.