Award Winning Labels
27Feb 0 Comment

After receiving labels for their Fearless Whisky, Interrupt came to Grace yet again with a new design for their Moonshine! Their design was very meticulous and required a lot of accuracy and precision. By using spot gloss to embellish some of the lines within the image, a beautiful label was created that catches the light perfectly.

In order to capture the story that Interrupt wanted to tell with their labels, Grace had the challenge of recreating the hand drawn designs that made their labels unique. Using our top of the line technology, we were able to work with the customer to create bold and meaningful labels for their product.

According to Interrupts website, “Representing the dark woods that surrounded the bootleggers who made moonshine at night, the specialized bottle and label designs feature hand drawn illustrations of a twilight forest. A clear foil stamp on the trees brings in a subtle sheen as if the reflection of the moon is shining on the forest, bringing in the spirit of the longest night of the winter solstice. The center illustration changes among labels to illustrate the dynamic uniqueness of each flavor.” 

Interrupt recently took their bottles to the Toledo ADDY’s, the American Advertising Awards, where their Moonshine labels won silver. It was an honor to have worked with Interrupt and partnered with them to create truly amazing labels!