Infographic – What makes an Amazing CBD Label

 Download a PDF Here: Grace-Imaging-CBD-Infographic CBD is a rapidly expanding industry and where there are new products, there are new labels. But with so many labels, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Grace Imaging is here to help. With our years of experience and state of the art equipment, Grace will create […]

Amazing Custom CBD Labels

Over the years, Grace Imaging has seen an influx of CBD label orders. Everything from essential oils to gummy treats is being infused with CBD and with a new line of product comes a need for a new line of labels. Through research and dedication, Grace Imaging has been able to stay up to date […]

Infographic – What makes an Amazing Wine and Spirits Label

 Download a PDF Here: Grace-Imaging-Wine-Infographic Wine is a booming industry. Old and young alike have their favorite type, flavor, and brand. With so many wines, it can feel hard to stand out on the shelves. Grace Imaging is here to help. Our years of experience and state of the art equipment will create a truly amazing […]

Grace Imaging is Expanding!

As our customers’ needs keep growing, so does Grace Imaging. Here are some of the exciting events happening at Grace Imaging. New Epson Press We are happy to announce that we have increased production capacity with a brand new seven-color digital Epson label press. At Grace, we trust the quality and dependability that Epson presses […]

Featured Label – Abelha Organic Cachaça (Brazilian Rum)

Last Summer Tom Stockley from The Responsible Trading Company based out of Bristol, England reached out to our leader Bob Petrie needing custom labels fast. Tom was looking for someone with the expertise to handle a unique label for a new liquor launching into the States – Abelha Organic Cachaça. Abelha Cachaça posed some challenges but our team was […]

Label Trends at Grace Imaging

During one of our recent team meetings we asked our more experienced employees what trends they were seeing with custom labels.  Below is their observation over the last year to assist you on your selection of the right label for your product needs: –  Shiny Labels – Many customers required shiny, eye-popping looks to help […]

Feature Label – Gelato Fiasco

Gelato Fiasco knows all about making the perfect gelato, including the right temperature to keep their product cold, creamy and great tasting. Grace Imaging knows the right label material and application needed to withstand different temperatures. When Gelato Fiasco was in urgent need for labels fast, they reached out to Grace Imaging for help. Grace […]

Variable Data Label Printing

Digital label technology has come a long way, at one time if you wanted to change information on your label you had to stop the press, update the sku numbers, or image, before continuing to print the labels. But Variable Data Label Printing has changed all that time-consuming process. When it was time to change […]

Latitude material perfect for Wine Stock

Grace Imaging is known for its wide selection of materials and we are glad to say it is expanding! Our owner, Robert Petrie, just celebrated his 31st Anniversary in the label industry, Grace Imaging has grown over the years. We have become increasingly popular amongst beverage brands, particularly wine and spirits. Our selection of wine […]

Metallic White Plating (BOPP)

Grace Imaging takes special steps to make your label stand out above the competition.  “Do you need a shiny metallic look to your label, but using foils and plates are a bit outside of the budget?” There is a solution! The technique involves using metallic BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) base material and “white plating.” We get asked […]

Infographic – What makes an Amazing Label

Labels are everywhere, but we might not realize how impactful an amazing label can be on the store shelf. Food packaging, wine & spirits bottles, health related items, and even cosmetic containers all need great labels to stand out. Listed below are some of the most important steps we take to give customers a label […]

Is it a label, a sticker or a decal? The answer is yes!

You own a product and you need a high-end custom label for it. Or do you need a sticker? Or maybe a decal? Don’t worry! At Grace Imaging, we’ve got you covered — no matter what you call it. What we care most about is determining what your needs are so we can determine the […]

Shark Tank Label Company

A customer recently told me – “You are the Shark Tank Label Company.” And here’s why: “You are the perfect label company to help small businesses that go on Shark Tank.  They all need to differentiate themselves.   Image is very important.  What better way to do that than with the quality printed labels at […]

New equipment arrives at Grace Imaging

It’s here! We now have a high-end hot stamping and embossing press on our plant floor. We’ve been waiting for the delivery of this amazing piece of high-end equipment straight from Denmark-based GM, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative finishing equipment. With this machine we can produce the highest-quality embossing and hot stamp printing […]

Materials Available for Custom Labels and Stickers

Grace Imaging prides itself on the largest Selection of Materials Grace Imaging’s list of Material offerings is the most extensive within the United States. Ranging from the most popular materials such as White Semi-Gloss paper to a selection of various films. A large selection of Specialty Materials are available here at Grace Imaging. From our […]

Don’t worry, Be Happy!

It’s a Cover-up!  No, it’s not the latest scandal to rock the nation’s capital.  We’re talking “cover-up” labels that you just may someday need.  Say you have product that needs to ship, labels on hand, but you’ve identified that there’s copy that needs changed; a new address or zip, an alteration in the ingredients or […]

What Textured Materials are Available for Wine Labels?

The look and feel of a product can be a large factor when someone is buying a product. For wine and spirits a label is crucial. Premium paper labels are a good option, it provides a classy look and is often used for wine and spirits. But what’s the difference between papers? A good question. […]

Award night for Entrepreneurial Excellence in Northwest Ohio

Thursday, November 9th was the Entrepreneurial & Business Excellence Hall of Fame™ awards night at the Pinnacle in Toledo, Ohio.  The night honored 5 winners of Entrepreneurial Excellence in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.  Our Owner, Bob Petrie, was recognized as a 2017 EBE Hall of Fame winner.  Bob’s acceptance speech highlighted his journey of starting […]

Waterproof Beverage Bottle Labels

Our White Poly BOPP stock is an excellent choice for beverage bottle labels. It’s waterproof, permanent, and is meant to last and look good on your product, without any fears of it coming off. Check out how it looks on Beber – Fresh Almondmilk’s labels!

Cosmetics Label Design

  A little while ago, EVXO Cosmetics came to us with a logo and idea for the designs of their 5 new product lines. We came up with designs, sent a press proof, and were able to turnover the final labels quickly.

Kraft Paper Labels

Kraft paper labels have been popular lately and it’s no wonder why! Kraft paper creates such a unique, natural, and vintage look. Shown on Toledo Spirits Company Maumee Moonshine Labels.

Fury Bros Candle Labels

A couple of years ago, Jeremy and Stevie Fury launched a vintage inspired shop, the Fury Bros. While searching for a company to print labels for their candle line, they came across Grace Imaging. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, the Fury Bros knew they wanted to buy local. Hence, the partnership between Fury Bros and Grace […]

Buckeye Falls Testimonial

We just received a wonderful testimonial from Buckeye Falls Natural Spring Water! “Thank you for taking care of us so quickly!! I have the customer’s water all ready to go and I am sure they will be thrilled with how quickly we were able to fulfill their order, thanks to you!” -Marlene Kreais/Owner, Buckeye Falls […]

Matching Colors Accurately

  Many Grace Imaging customers are impressed with how closely we match colors to their existing color samples provided. What is our secret? At Grace Imaging, we offer a 7-color printing process, which allows us to color match with close to 100% accuracy. The 7-color process printer uses the standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, […]

Same Day Success

Comasphere is a popular Cincinnati-based e-liquid company that has a constant need for fast label turnarounds. For a recent order, Comasphere needed 550 labels shipped the same day. Grace Imaging, home of the Same Day Label, came through and continues to consistently come through with printing and shipping the labels in the same day as […]

Now Offering Four Types of Security Labels!

Grace Imaging is now offering four types of security labels! White VOID – Shows when the security label has been broken by displaying “VOID” and leaving behind adhesive when the label has been removed; uses include protecting products and equipment, controlling access to files, and preventing tampering. Silver VOID – Similar to White VOID, but […]

Grace Imaging Toledo Spirits Testimonial

Check out our new testimonial video from Toledo Spirits! Andrew Newby, president of Toledo Spirits, found himself in a pinch needing 500 labels for his Whisky Tango Foxtrot within the next day. Fortunately, Andrew came to Grace Imaging knowing that we could get the job done for him. Within 6 hours, Grace Imaging had the […]

Sweet Success

We wanted to highlight one of our loyal customers –  Kline Honey Bee Farm.  As shown in this gift basket, Kline Honey uses Grace Imaging labels for a variety of honey made products. Grace Imaging enjoys helping customers, like Kline, when multiple sizes and copies are needed for quality labels fast.

Expansion Underway!

Exciting news here at Grace Imaging! Expansion is underway to be completed by mid-October. Grace Imaging has new label equipment on order along with doubling our production space. We are thankful for this continued growth from our customers and our hardworking employees making it happen every day.  

Branding is Our Business

Boochy Mama’s Probiotic Tonic needed new labels for their startup company. Grace Imaging printed and supplied labels on a bright silver polypropylene to enhance the Boochy Mama’s artwork. Grace Imaging loves to work with companies both small and large to bring their images to life. Branding your product is our business, let us help you!

The Perfect Fit…

The Brush Cup Company contacted Grace imaging in need of labels for their new containers. One of the main challenges and reasons the Brush Cup Company needed help was due to the irregular shape of these containers. They also needed consecutive numbered variable data barcodes for each label produced. The Grace Imaging Team came up […]

Helping the Brown Crayon Project Succeed

Grace Imaging is excited to share our success story with the Brown Crayon Project in Brooklyn, New York. This customer first needed prototypes for their photo shoot that the team here at Grace Imaging turned around and shipped in 2 days. Then the customer needed their first Production run with multiple sizes and art copies […]

Helping our Customers “Shine”

Toledo Spirits Company added a new product, Maumee Moonshine to their liquor line. Working with Toledo Spirits to develop an “old time” look to the label, kraft paper was chosen. Toledo Spirits needed a fast lead time to debut their latest product for the 4th of July fireworks and Grace Imaging delivered with a bang! […]

Art Support by Grace Imaging

Designing your project? Have an Idea? Need to put your idea in print? Grace Imaging not only prints your label, we can help design your label and prepare it for production. Graphic artists are ready to bring your image to life. Working with InDesign and Illustrator, our designers can make your label pop! We have […]

Custom Shapes on Metallic Silver Paper.

Check out these eye-catching badges printed at Grace Imaging! Grace Imaging prides itself on our ability to die cut with extreme accuracy. This label has a thin outer border that needed precision die-cutting. The image was created by laying down opaque white ink prior to printing the 4-color process colors. The customer loved the detailed custom shape […]

Success Story

Toledo Spirits came to Grace Imaging needing help in branding a new whiskey named” Orange Tiger.”  We recommended a textured eggshell paper with digital four-color printing and adding a metallic hot stamp foil to the tiger’s eyes. Toledo Spirits was ecstatic not only because of Grace Imaging’s ability to meet their tight timeframe and also with the eye-popping quality […]

Digital Four-Color Process Digital Label with Metallic Hot Stamp Imprint

This Customer contacted Grace Imaging needing a thermal transfer label that would be eye-popping quality to their customers. Our skilled graphics department helped design this four-color process label with a metallic copper imprint. After the customer received the end-product, the customer provided us with the testimonial below: “Hey Bob- Literally got the labels 10 minutes […]

Introducing SameDayLabel™ Service

Customers can have 4cp labels shipped in the “same day”. No other label company offers this service!