Built to Withstand the Weather
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As the brutal Northwest Ohio winter weather begins to blow in, we here at Grace are ready to keep you and your labels protected. Grace offers several materials and finishing options to create the most durable products for all of your label needs. For winter weather, we recommend a white polyester material with a UV outdoor lamination for complete and total protection from the elements. These labels can be used on cars, snowplows, hard hats, and any other outdoor product you can think of! 

Not only does Grace specialize in labels for winter weather, our labels are built to withstand spring rain, summer sunshine, and fall winds as well! All of our labels are fade resistant for two to five years. They are also chemical resistant, so bring on the snow melting salts and car washes! 


Laminated labels for use outdoors last over three years outside depending on the conditions. For all of our outdoor labels, customers are given the option to purchase removable labels or non-removable labels, typically used for theft protection on vehicles. Non-removable labels are the safest product to use against theft as they separate into pieces upon removal.

With some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, Grace is dedicated to helping you meet your budget with labels that go above and beyond our high quality standards. No matter your label needs, our team at Grace is here and ready to help you!