Custom Candle Labels that Define Your Brand

Print your custom candle labels with Grace Imaging!
Eggshell material with custom embossing.
  • Select from an array of distinctive materials & finishes to set your candles apart
  • Ensure your products grab attention and leave a lasting impression
  • Showcase your brand’s elegance with beautifully crafted labels
  • Custom Hot Stamp Foils and Embossing available 

Crafting Candle Labels: Materials, Finishes, and Customization

With a plethora of candle container options on the market, let us guide you in choosing materials that not only adhere seamlessly to various surfaces but also withstand handling and heat. Whether you prefer a classic gloss, a subtle matte, or a rustic Kraft finish, our label materials are versatile for both hand and machine application.

Elevate your brand with unique materials tailored for every candle jar, container, or box type. Additionally, explore our custom hot stamping and embossing services to further enhance your candle labels with exquisite detailing.

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Purple Love by Harlem Candle Company was on Oprah's Favorite Things.
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