Reseller Needed an Easy Quote and Reorder Process

case study

A distributor in the southern U.S. region was growing its label business due to its partnership with Grace. So much so, that during a typical week this distributor consistently needed up to five different quotes per day.

To help ease the process and turn around quotes faster, Grace set up an online pricing tool, called the IQ (Instant Quoter), in order for the reseller to get real-time quotes as they needed them. Now, the intuitive tool turns around quotes immediately based on the information provided, makes it easy for resellers to estimate a price for their customers and will inform the reseller of any sizing issues. If the size chosen is not standard, the tool will provide a price or will suggest alternative sizes that could potentially save money on the order.

In addition to these features, the tool is soon releasing a new version that will allow the reseller to see all orders currently in the system and where they are in the Grace pipeline and when they will ship, giving the reseller more control of the process from beginning to end.

Grace Imaging IQ Tool
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