Eye-Catching Metallic Foil Labels

Prints on our silver BOPP material.
  • Achieve metallic colors using silver materials
  • Offered in a variety of silver patterns
  • Perfect for high-end products & promotions
  • 1,000’s of standard shapes & sizes available
  • Custom hot stamp foils available 

If you’re looking for eye-popping, jump-off-the-shelf labels, create the labels you’ve always envisioned with custom metallic foil labels.  With the help of our knowledgeable in-house art department, learn how silver materials can turn your colors into attractive metallics. Only want portions of your custom labels to have shimmer? Read our blog about using white ink layers under portions of your artwork to achieve a combination of opaque and metallic areas to perfectly balance all aspects of your custom labels.

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Unlock the brilliance of metallic hues with our premium silver materials. Elevate your creations with a touch of metallic magic and let your imagination shine – because your creations deserve nothing less.
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