Foil Stamping Embellishments to Make Your Label Stand Out
14Nov 0 Comment

When local design marketing company, Interrupt, came to Grace Imaging with a basic design for their Fearless Whisky bottle, they knew that they wanted something that would set their bottles apart from every other whisky bottle on the shelf. These limited edition labels needed to be bold in appearance, numbered consecutively, and had to fit perfectly to their uniquely shaped bottles.

With this information in mind, our design team at Grace came up with a two tone varnish design to really make the design on the label pop. We recommended a black, estate 8 stock for the label that is typically used for wine labels, and printed them so that parts of the finish were shiny and parts of them were matte.

On the Fearless bottles there is a front label, a back label, and a tamper seal on the lid. Both the front and the back labels are perfectly measured to account for the subtle taper in the bottle and are numbered consecutively so each label is unique.

Overall, the customer was highly satisfied with their labels from Grace. They ended up with a unique, high quality label that matched the quality of their product.