High-Quality Food Packaging Labels

Central Grocery prints their food packaging labels on our White BOPP material with gloss lamination.
  • Durable, yet beautiful materials to showcase your brand
  • Hundreds of shapes and sizes available
  • Matte, gloss, metallic materials and finishes 
  • Custom Hot Stamp Foils and Embossing available 
  • Available individually cut or on rolls for easy application.

Enhance Your Brand with Durable, Custom, and Vibrant Food Product Labels

Whether being sold in a store, at a farmer’s market, or online, it is crucial for your food product to have an appealing label that will set it apart from others. Our high-quality labels ensure prevention from water damage, fading, scratching, and tearing — lasting long past the food’s expiration date. With our 7-color process printers, we are able to print brighter, more crisp colors than a standard 4-color process printer would allow.

In addition, our custom labels offer a range of enhancements to elevate your food packaging. From hot stamp foils to embossing and blind embossing, we add tactile and visual appeal. We also provide double-sided printing and mosaic labels for unique branding opportunities. With these options, your product stands out with distinction and allure.

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Hons Honey custom hot stamp honey labels.
Transform your brand with custom food packaging labels. Stand out and leave a lasting impression with unique designs that reflect your brand's personality.
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