Hot Stamp vs. Cold Foil
12Mar 0 Comment

With the increasing demand for embellishments on labels, the question of hot stamp versus cold foil has begun to arise. To help our customers make the best decision for their brand, Grace has put together some information on both options for embellishment.


Cold Foil

To embellish a label using the cold foil technique, a layer of adhesive is applied to the label, followed by a thin layer of metallic foil. The foil will stick to the adhesive and separate from the rest of the label when removed. Cold foil can only be applied to smooth surfaces, no papers or materials with other textures. This technique is much quicker than hot stamping, yet, due to the nature of its application, it cannot provide as much detail within the artwork.


Hot Stamping

To hot stamp a label, a metal die is heated and pressed down onto a thin layer on metallic foil to embed the foil into your label. Any material, including heavy stock and textured paper, can be hot stamped. Hot stamped labels can also be embossed. This technique is better for more intricate designs and creates a raised appearance. Featured below is an example of the metal die and the label that it was pressed onto.

At Grace, we offer top of the line hot stamp embellishments. We would love to help you embellish your labels today!