Infographic – What makes an Amazing Label
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Grace Imaging Blog Infographic What Makes an Amazing Label

Labels are everywhere, but we might not realize how impactful an amazing label can be on the store shelf. Food packaging, wine & spirits bottles, health related items, and even cosmetic containers all need great labels to stand out. Listed below are some of the most important steps we take to give customers a label that is unique and eye-popping.

  • Step 1: Do the Research. Define your target audience by asking yourself: who, what, why and where. Consider age range, interests, needs, and locations to attract the right attention.
  • Step 2: Clear Requirements. Take time to clearly explain the needs as best as you can; a good printer will always ask the right questions. Clarity minimizes any changes to get quality labels fast.
  • Step 3: Make it Unique. How can you stand out from the competition? Clever use of color, texture, shape and materials are all great ways to make sure your product captures attention first.
  • Step 4: U.S.P. Separate your product from the pack with a Unique Selling Proposition. Review your attributes across product pricing, top quality or first to market opportunity.
  • Step 5: Match Your Brand. If you have a well-established brand already, it’s usually best to keep that position. Documenting your brand helps stay consistent when it’s time to create new product labels. Maybe, it’s time for a refresh?
  • Step 6: Choose Materials. Thinking about the conditions your labels will be subject to is critical to keep up appearances and for the right experience. Do they need to withstand moisture, be tamper resistant or need a high-end finish?
  • Step 7: The Right Size. Your label shouldn’t be too big or too small. Get it right with a balance between label size and the container shape.
  • Step 8: Check the Content. Does all required legal language have a place on your label? Check any mandatory consumer information, like an ingredient list or surgeon general warnings.
  • Step 9: Critical Info. Make a checklist of must-have information. For example, make sure you have contact information, address, phone number, URL, logo and a barcode.
  • Step 10: Consider Colors. Printing technology has come a long way. Take advantage of digital printing processes for broader, richer and truer colors. The result? An amazing look.
  • Step 11: Select the Graphics. Consider adding images, photos and other shapes to the mix. The target audience responds to visuals and it could add interest to your label.
  • Step 12: Proper Typography. Help customers buy with attractive and legible type, even at the smallest of sizes. Sticking with two to three typefaces keeps your label design clean.

It’s never just a label to us.
It’s your business, your brand and your first impression.

We take labels seriously. That’s because we’ve spent our careers perfecting the art of label making. To us, it’s not just a sticker you place on the outside of your product. It’s sometimes the first impression of your brand represented by a high-quality stamp-of-approval for what you stand for. It can invite customers in, encourage them to stay awhile, and engage them visually and tactilely.

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