Is it a label, a sticker or a decal? The answer is yes!
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You own a product and you need a high-end custom label for it.

Or do you need a sticker?

Or maybe a decal?

Don’t worry! At Grace Imaging, we’ve got you covered — no matter what you call it. What we care most about is determining what your needs are so we can determine the right label options for you and your particular product.

What’s in a label, sticker or decal?

The real difference isn’t in the name, but in the quality, you get from the company producing them. We take label-making seriously. In fact, we’ve spent our careers perfecting the art of making the highest-quality labels on the market. It’s not just a sticker or a label or a decal — we know it’s often your customer’s first impression of your brand. It can invite customers in, encourage them to stay awhile and engage them visually and tactilely. In short, it’s important!

Not sure what to look for when sourcing a high-quality label? Follow these guidelines and talk to us about your needs.

The color process in important

The most common method of printing in color is a four-color process referred to as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). However, for a more vibrant, eye-popping design we take this a step further and offer a seven-color process with CMYK plus orange, green and violet. This means we can produce amazing labels that will help you stand out from competitors.

Speed is a differentiator

We pride ourselves on developing labels fast! Not everyone can turn around labels quickly and depending on your order, you may get bumped for bigger jobs at some label companies. Not at Grace. Your job — no matter the size — is important to us and we work hard to produce labels fast, even overnight if you’re in a pinch. Just reach out to us and ask about our Same Day Label Service.

The right materials and finishes really matter

There are many material options for labels and depending on the type of label you need; the material can make or break how long it lasts. From permanent or removable, waterproof or fade-proof to textured or holographic materials, the options are seemingly endless. In addition, the finish on a label also helps to create high-end options for you. From glossy sheens to matte finishes and hot stamping and embossing, our team will help you determine what’s needed for your specific job.

The right equipment for the job

We have made a commitment to invest in the best equipment in the industry that will help us deliver a premium product for you. One of the best examples of our high-quality equipment offerings is our hot stamping and embossing press. This impressive piece of equipment allows us to emboss any shape or design to raise it above the material and create a label that your customers will want to touch and feel. It also gives us the ability to finish labels with premium gold or silver foil stamping to create an elegant shine that will set your product apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on having the right equipment for the job with only one thing in mind — producing the highest quality labels on the market today.

Contact us today to talk about your label needs. We’ll walk you through the process and find the best solution for you needs.