Label Art Guidelines
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There are countless factors that go into designing and producing your perfect labels. When designing labels for your products, we want to be sure to create something vibrant and pleasing to the eye. Some factors to include in a label design are label layout, designs, fonts, colors, borders, and variable data such as serial or batch numbers. 


The layout of your label is crucial. When designing the layout of your label, the die line and bleed of the graphics must be considered. The die line is the line that your label will be cut to, where the graphics will be cut off. The bleed is how far the colors will be printed beyond the die line. Graphics are printed beyond the die line to account for subtle movements in the printing process that could otherwise result in the substrate being seen along the edge of the label.


Customers are more than welcome to provide their own design for their labels, but our artists at Grace are happy to help with design when needed. Our artists use quality designs with high resolutions that produce a beautiful end product. 

Other factors, such as fonts, colors, and borders, are what make the labels stand out among others. These factors can make a huge difference in the outcome of your labels, so choose designs carefully.

Variable data, such as serial and batch numbers should also be taken into consideration. Do your labels need to be numbered differently throughout the order? Will batch numbers change over time? These are pieces of information that are crucial to know when looking at label specifications.

When submitting artwork, please be sure to complete the following:

  1. Make sure artwork has a minimum of 300 dpi/ppi resolution
  2. Embed images
  3. Outline fonts for clarity
  4. Review artwork for spelling and grammar mistakes