Label Trends at Grace Imaging
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During one of our recent team meetings we asked our more experienced employees what trends they were seeing with custom labels.  Below is their observation over the last year to assist you on your selection of the right label for your product needs:

–  Shiny Labels – Many customers required shiny, eye-popping looks to help grab the attention of their customers. As a result, there was an increase on the demand to utilize the bright silver poly material (BOPP). We achieved the shiny effects our clients needed through metallic white plating or the more traditional foil stamping (also known as hot stamping).

–  Custom shapes – Customers are using special shapes to promote their brands. Gelato Fiasco, our featured label of the month, is a good example of using a custom shape to help create a unique look.

–  Simple designs – For our customers that prefer a clean, less busy label, that allows their product to stand out more on the busy shelf space.

–  Matte (satin) finish – We saw a significant increase in orders requesting matte finish. This trend seems to be ongoing due to its non-glossy, soft surface and can be used on different materials.

–  Fraud Protection – The importance of product security has increased over the year and so has label technology. Listed are some of the popular ways to protect and build confidence in your product that our customers can choose from:

  • Destructible material that breaks apart when removed,
  • Unique numbering on each label,
  • VOID labels in both silver and white,
  • Foil imprint,
  • Rainbow Holographic
  • and more.

Grace Imaging is on the lookout for label trends and innovated ways to make your products look great. We expect this year’s trends to include the latitude wine stock, a high-quality material with horizontal lines slightly embossed creating a textured look and feel to your finished label.

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