Latitude material perfect for Wine Stock
16Feb 0 Comment

Grace Imaging is known for its wide selection of materials and we are glad to say it is expanding!

Our owner, Robert Petrie, just celebrated his 31st Anniversary in the label industry, Grace Imaging has grown over the years. We have become increasingly popular amongst beverage brands, particularly wine and spirits. Our selection of wine stock has allowed us to create a variety of wine and spirit labels tailored to each costumers’ individual needs and brand. We are happy to announce that we will be offering even more variety with our newest material, Latitude Wine Stock.

Latitude is a high quality; bright white material is subtly embossed with horizontal lines that create a textured look and feel to any label. Manufactured with wet strength properties that help protect the material against moisture: labels with this material can stand up against moist environments, such as a household fridge. 

A quality drink deserves a quality label, and Latitude will offer just that. So, look at what we have to offer and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out! We are only a phone call or chat away.