Metallic White Plating (BOPP)

The technique involves using metallic BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) base material and “white plating.” We get asked almost daily about how this process works, so we wanted to take the time and educate you on this feature. In white plating, we start with using bright silver poly material as the base material. Our artist skillfully identifies and masks areas of the label that need to stay shiny from the rest of the artwork. Once the different areas have been separated, we have the ability to apply different shades with a rich metallic effect without needing special foils. Next, we print white ink over the areas of the label that is not shiny, creating the white plate ink block. Finally, we print the design by using our 7-color process. The areas that are not covered with the white ink layer will have transparent ink covering the silver poly color to give the metallic appearance. For example, if you are looking for a gold look, we print yellow on top of the silver base material or if we print an orange shade on silver this will give a metallic copper appearance.

Grace Imaging takes special steps to make your label stand out above the competition.


Grace Imaging Metallic White Plating Meadery Proof
Four Fires Meadery White Plating Proof. Blue area represents the ink block.

Grace Imaging's white plating process can make your labels amazing, amazingly fast.

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