Multiple Label Designs Should Equal BIG Savings
21Oct 0 Comment

With many printers selling labels online these days, it’s no wonder customers are being overcharged without realizing. Ecommerce sites may seem to “make it easy” for consumers to jump online and buy labels, however, if you are purchasing multiple art versions, SKUs, or designs of the same sized labels pay special attention to what you are being charged.

You may not realize, but the more labels you buy (of the same size) the cheaper they should become. The price for 500 hundred labels is MUCH more per label, than if you buy 5,000 labels. Grace imaging customers, like Fury Bros. understand the advantage of ordering from a label printer who values customers with a variety of product designs. From their one-of-a-kind candles to their unique offering of body soaps and scrubs, Fury Bros. knows that Grace cares about providing competitive and fair pricing.  

So next time you’re jumping online to purchase your labels, keep this in mind. If you aren’t seeing an advertised price discount for multiple art designs, or you aren’t able to purchase all of your labels with a reduced per each cost for higher quantities, odds are you’re paying too much.

At Grace, we always make sure that you get multiple design pricing for same sized labels. We won’t ever charge you the higher per label cost just because you want to print multiple designs of the same label. If you have two or more versions of your labels and want a free quote, call us today and we guarantee you’ll see the savings!