Get Recognized with Elegant Cosmetic Labels

In the cosmetic industry, a standout look is critical in getting your product noticed. At Grace Imaging, we have the ability to create your ideal label, fast. We have a vast selection of materials that will help protect your label from the harsh elements that cosmetic and health and beauty labels typically endure without the design fading or smudging. Our inks and substrates will hold up for many years and keep the high-quality look your brand needs.

Fine Type Capability

Grace Imaging’s digital printing presses can print the finest detail of text in the industry. Many of our bath and body labels print with fonts as small as 4-point type. We understand that getting the type printed right is very important when these smaller labels need a lot of information presented to the customer.

Artwork Support Available

Grace Imaging has experienced artists on staff to help you with any graphics and copy changes needed. We are up-to-date on all of the nutritional fact requirements and are there to help you along the way. If you need creative design assistance we can provide this service at very competitive rates.

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