Custom Security Labels Produced & Delivered Fast

When it comes to security labels, you want a product that is high-quality, protects and lasts. Our labels not only help prevent theft, but also save consumers from tampered food, cosmetic products, and more. At Grace Imaging, we ensure nothing but the highest quality labels at the fastest turnover rate in the business.

Various Stocks for Security Labels

Whatever your security need, we have the stock to meet it! White and Silver VOID labels can be used to control access to files and prevent tampering by displaying the proper messaging and leaving behind an adhesive residue when the label has been removed. White destructible film, on the other hand, has a thin layer that chips away if anyone attempts to remove it. It is used to maintain calibrations of equipment and security of documents. We also have holographic film, which is used to help prevent counterfeiting and alterations to event tickets, ID badges, etc., by printing tamper-proof holographic images. We are also able to do variable data imprinting on any stock, for labels requiring different printed numbers, etc.

Artwork Support Available

Grace Imaging has experienced artists on staff to help with any graphics and copy changes needed. If you need creative design assistance we can provide this service at very competitive rates.

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