Stoneface for Sustainability
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Grace was recently challenged by Jüpmode to help create a more sustainable, eco friendly label. Instead of the plastic or paper material that is typically used to print labels, we have brought in a new material- stone!

Jüpmode is a local company that has taken several steps toward sustainability. According to owner, John Amato, their company “[has] a rooftop garden, a recycling program, compost food waste, collect rainwater, provide our customers reusable bags in our store” and takes many other steps toward creating a culture that is kind to the environment.

Their labels, which will be used on their recycled boxes being shipped to customers, turned out amazing!

 “When I found out there was an option available that promoted our brand just as well and came from a better source, it was an easy decision. I’m really happy Grace Imaging let me know about them and made the ordering process so simple.”

 Our new stone paper stock is perfect for all of your label needs! The stone material absorbs ink well and has no need for a finish. To order stoneface labels for your company, contact Grace and we will help you get started today!


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