The Gift of Time
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For over 15 years Colin McKechnie, the owner of Moose River Preserves in Toronto, Canada, has been hand printing and labeling his products. At the time the company was founded, labels were being printed, cut on a guillotine cutter, and hand applied to their products using glue. Since then, a pressure sensitive adhesive paper strategy was adopted, but the labels were still being hand trimmed and hand applied.

Over the past year and a half, Moose River Preserves has expanded greatly. Their growing customer base made producing these products a full time position, and along with the growth of the company came larger orders and more sales. The need to print and apply labels slowly became a limiting factor in production.

After witnessing her brother print and hand apply labels for over 15 years, Heather decided that it was time for a change. Along with a label applicator and dispenser, Heather ordered multiple versions of roll labels for her brother’s products be printed at Grace as a Christmas gift.

 The results were fantastic! The labels we produced here at Grace were nearly identical to the labels being hand produced with clean lines and clear images. Colin was absolutely thrilled to receive the labels and is looking forward to using them on all Moose River Preserves products in the future. Heather really gave her brother  Colin one of the most valuable gifts available – the gift of Time!