What Textured Materials are Available for Wine Labels?
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The look and feel of a product can be a large factor when someone is buying a product. For wine and spirits a label is crucial.

Premium paper labels are a good option, it provides a classy look and is often used for wine and spirits. But what’s the difference between papers? A good question. Sometimes it can be as noticeable as plain computer paper to high quality resume paper.

Premium uncoated paper is great for texture, and allows techniques such as foil, embossing, and hot stamping to take place. See below textured materials available at Grace Imaging:

White felt: Bright white, great for photographs and full color designs. The print quality is very smooth with low to no bleed. Texture wise it has a nice rough feel but looks smooth.

Eggshell: As the name suggests it is an off-white, eggshell, color. It is a nice textured paper that you can see and feel. Great for a vintage look.

Estate 8: This paper has a ridge texture, similar to tree bark, and comes In off white.

Estate 9: The look and feel of this white paper can be compared to a diploma. It’s wonderful for full colored prints.

Diamond allure: The paper is a soft shimmered very light grey with a diamond texture etched in.

Matte Litho: Is smooth and cool, great for full colored prints. It has a very sleek look and feel.

Extra touches: As mentioned earlier techniques such as hot stamping or embossing can add a great final touch to wine labels. The feel or a raised letter or emblem, or the shimmer of foil can make a product pop! It can also add a certain eloquence to a product.

Uncoated products: Uncoated means that there is no lamination over the final product (your labels.) This allows the paper and its texture to be seen and felt and also allows hot stamping, foil or embossing as an option. The print quality for these products is amazing. Low to no bleed and smudge proof. However, when paper is uncoated it loses the ability to be completely water proof. But with care and sensibility it should not be an issue.