Guidelines for Sanitizing Labels
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As many Americans have taken to creating at-home or small batch hand sanitizer solutions, the FDA, CDER, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have created guidelines for how these products must be labeled. It is critical that all sanitizers are labeled properly for the safety of all people using them.

What do my hand sanitizer labels have to include?

The front of all sanitizer labels must have a PCP, or Principal Display Panel. This is a crucial part of your label as it takes up an entire side of your bottle (or 40% of a rounded bottle) and is the first thing your customers see. The PCP must include your company’s name, what is included in the package, and how much of the product is included, typically given in mL.

On the back of the container, there should be a Drug Facts Panel. This is typically printed in black and white and needs to be easy for customers to read. The Drug Facts Panel must contain a variety of information including active and inactive ingredients, the purposes and uses of the product, usage instructions, etc. The back of the label must also include the address and name of the manufacturer.

What else can I add to ensure safety and traceability?

Some manufacturers choose to add batch numbers to the backs of their labels as well. This helps with traceability and is very useful when trying to find out where exactly the product came from. This type of numbering is typically done with consecutively numbered labels.

How do I make sure that I have met all of these requirements?

At Grace, we understand that these regulations can be overwhelming and confusing at times. Our artists are fully trained and ready to help you ensure that your labels are up to the standards required. If you have any questions or need assistance creating an amazing label, reach out to Grace today!