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Hot stamp foils vs. Silver BOPP material.

Have questions? With over 35 years of custom label printing, we have answers. The Grace Team is always available and eager to help, so feel free to call or contact us anytime to get answers to all of your custom label FAQs and printing questions.

General Questions

The only difference between labels and stickers is the way that you use them! Grace offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit all of your needs. To read more on the topic, check out our blog.

Rewind direction is how the labels come off of a roll. Labels can be wound facing the outside or the inside and can have the left side, right side, top, or bottom edge coming off of the roll first. The rewind direction needed is usually determined by the machine being used to apply the labels. If labels are hand-applied, customers can decide on their own how they would like to have the labels wound.

Yes! We can either send you a digital proof (email) of your labels or a press proof printed on the material of your choice.

No, not at all. Besides roll labels, Grace also offers labels cut into sheets or individually cut to fit your needs.

Yes! Grace would be happy to supply you with a variety of samples of your chosen material. Once requested, our marketing department will reach out via email to confirm your sample request. During this communication, you’ll have the opportunity to specify your preferences for the samples included in your packet. Feel free to contact us or fill out this online form to order samples. Sample label packets usually ship the same day. Get started today and see the quality for yourself! 

Shipping & Receiving Labels

We understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we are committed to delivering fast labels to you without compromising on quality. Choose our standard digital printed labels and receive them within 3-5 business days, or opt for our custom embellished labels, which are ready within 5-7 business days. Have a tighter timeline? No problem! Just let us know your specific needs, and we’ll work diligently to meet your timeframe. Fast, reliable, and high-quality—trust us to help you have amazing labels!

Absolutely! We can ship labels in whatever way is most convenient for you, as long as you specify when ordering.

Labels can either be picked up from our location in Maumee, Ohio, or shipped via UPS or FEDEX. For more questions about shipping, please visit the Shipping and Refunds section of our Terms and Conditions.

Materials & Finishes

The most commonly used materials for labels include white semi-gloss paper laminated and white BOPP laminated. For a full list of materials and their descriptions click here.

Customers are given the option of gloss and matte laminations. For a full list of finishes including outdoor and thermal transfer click here.

Yes! We have a list of materials and finishes that are perfect for withstanding the elements.

Our outdoor labels can last anywhere from three to five years depending on weather conditions.

Yes, we do! We offer several. Our “stone face” material is made out of recycled stone and has no need for any lamination or varnish.  Additionally, we offer Hemp Paper label material that is made with 25% hemp fibers and 75% post-consumer waste. Both of these materials are excellent eco-friendly choices!

We can produce either permanent or removable labels. Removable labels are great for parking tags and bumper stickers, while permanent labels are great for labeling products and many other things!

We provide many types of security labels, including those that have holographic authenticity seals and those that are destroyed upon removal. We also produce tamper seals that are great for bottles.

Yes, we offer double-sided labels! You can request a sample packet by clicking here. Once requested, our marketing department will reach out via email to confirm your sample request. During this communication, you’ll have the opportunity to specify your preferences for the samples included in your packet. Get started today and see the quality for yourself!

Yes, we offer a versatile material called Silver BOPP. This mirror-like silver material gives labels a foil metallic look. Paired with our ability to also print white ink, you can choose to allow the silver material to show through (give your art a metallic look) or you can use white ink for a more opaque look altogether.  Depending on the effect you would like to achieve, we have artists in-house happy to give advice and help you determine if you would like to back any of your artwork elements in white ink.

Label Printing Process

Grace offers many ways to embellish your labels including embossing, hot stamping, and clear liners. Yet, try out our double-sided labels and mosaic labels

Embossing is when labels are run through a machine that stamps a design into the material. This is typically done on paper materials and couples well with hot stamping.

Hot stamping is when a metal stamp is heated up and pressed into a metallic foil onto the label. This provides a high-quality, unique look for shapes and words that need to be emphasized. We offer over 30 different colors of foil hot stamp label inks ranging from class bright and dull gold to a unique selection of colors like rose gold and metallic purple.

Grace has the ability to print your labels on a clear liner which allows for full transparency, perfect for jars, and other clear packaging.

Yes! Grace has the ability to perforate labels to suit your needs.

Yes! Grace can also create perforations between labels on rolls.

Yes, labels can be printed alternating two or more copies on one roll. This is often needed for front and back labels that are going to be machine applied. 

Yes! You can order kiss-cut stickers either individually cut or on a roll.

No, once your custom die is purchased you will not have to pay for one again unless you change the shape or size of your artwork and it is not an available size in our 2,500+ die library.


Although helpful, you do not. We have artists ready and available to help you create amazing labels.

We prefer that you submit your artwork as an unflattened PDF or an Adobe Illustrator file. Please refer to our Artwork Guidelines for more details.

With over 2,500+ die sizes in our library, we can print labels of nearly any size and shape. If you have questions about whether or not we can print labels to your specifications, reach out to us today!

We may already offer your shape and size, so contact us to learn more! With an extensive selection of over 2,500+ available sizes, our dies will cut your labels with extreme precision.

It depends on what you are really asking. In the print industry, copies refer to the number of (artwork) versions of a specific size label. For example, you may need 4,000 labels total but broke into four flavor changes or 1,000 each. We can do that for you!

Sometimes customers refer to the total number of labels of one design they want to order as copies, too.  Normally, our minimum order size is around 200 labels, and we can print as many labels as you need with no maximum.

Yes! We can print variable data such as batch numbers, dates, and consecutive numbers on every label.

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