Cannabis & CBD Label Printing Made Easy

Cannabis and CBD Custom labels.
Cannabis & CBD Labels
  • Get your labels noticed
  • Sizes perfect for your product containers
  • Water-resistant and durable materials
  • Gloss, matte, metallic, and holographic materials available
  • Custom hot stamp foils and embossing available

The cannabis market is growing at an accelerated rate and each state has different specifications with heavy regulations that apply to the labeling and packaging of these products. Whether your label needs specifications targeted to cannabis, marijuana, or hemp, Grace Amazing Labels has the equipment and expertise to assist you in making sure that your label and brand stand out among the competition.

Cannabis Label Requirements

Possible state requirements that your cannabis labels may need:

  • Name/strength of strain & batch
  • Weight Chemical information (Levels of THC, CBD, and/or CBN)
  • Unique serial number Specific dates (date of cultivation/harvest, date of testing, expiration, etc.)
  • Government warnings
  • Health warnings
  • Pregnancy warnings/Child safety warnings
  • Warning that product could be unlawful outside the state purchased in
  • Specific health risk warnings must be listed and specific to the state requirements

Can all the state requirements, warnings, and ingredients fit on one label? The answer is, yes. Grace Imaging can create quality labels fast, where the type on the label is small, but still very legible.

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