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Are Art Graphics Department, ready to help improve and print your labels.
Ensure your custom label artwork is set up properly with our helpful tips to maintain top quality printing and receive your labels fast:
  1. Outline Your Fonts: Although we have thousands of fonts to choose from, there’s a chance we may not have the fonts used in your label artwork design. In order to ensure we receive your art as you intended, please outline your fonts before emailing us your label artwork.
  2.  Build Bleeds (1/16”): Are there design elements or colors that run off the edge of your labels? If yes, it is important that your artwork has “bleed” or an extended area that runs past the shape/size (die line) of your label. Please make sure your artwork allows for these elements to extend past the die line of your label by at least 1/16″.
  3. Supply High-Resolution Images: If your artwork contains low-resolution images, your labels will print fuzzy and will be hard to read. In order to take advantage of the high-quality equipment Grace Amazing Labels uses,  make sure your artwork is a minimum of 300 dpi resolution.  
  4. Embed Your Images: Does your label artwork contain a photo or placed image in the design? If so, make sure to embed your images into your artwork file. By embedding the images, you are inserting them into the file so that we can see them and print them properly. Do not include your images as linked images. By doing this you are only telling your computer where the images are in your files, and you are not providing them to us. Artwork with linked images or photos will arrive with broken links where you intended your images to display.
  5. Proofread and Spellcheck: Although we often catch mistakes on labels, we highly encourage you to review your artwork for spelling and grammar mistakes. If your artwork is new, we also recommend letting us provide you with free digital email proof for viewing and sign-off prior to your label printing.
  6. Provide Your Artwork to Size: Custom printed labels come in an endless number of shapes and sizes, so making sure your artwork is the correct size is important before printing. Whether they are going on a product container or showcasing your brand on your packaging, we are happy to help you determine the perfect size for your custom labels. If you would like to make sure your label artwork fits perfectly on the size you’ve selected, simply email us at and we’ll send you the sizes you request.

Need a Dieline Template?

Let us help you make sure your artwork fits in the label size that you want to order. With over 2,500 standard custom label sizes to choose from, we probably have the label (die) size that you are looking for. Fill out the following form and we’ll quickly send you template files for the sizes you need.

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