Boost Visibility: Introducing Mosaic Labels

New - Mosaic Design Feature

Step into the future of product labeling with Grace Imaging’s newest innovation – Mosaic Labels. In this blog, we’re excited to share how our innovative Mosaic Label feature can redefine your brand’s visual identity, setting it apart in a crowded market. 

Embrace the World of Mosaic Labels

Our new mosaic label feature allows Grace to change the patterned background of a label over 500 times. This means every label will be different in the background. It’s a form of expression that seamlessly combines precision and imagination.

From intricate designs to vibrant palettes, these labels are more than just adhesive tags – they are a visual spectacle that demands attention. Each label is a canvas of creativity, featuring intricate patterns and vibrant hues. It is worth learning how Mosaic Labels can infuse a bold new look into your product lineup. 

The Mosaic Difference

This new year, unlock the power of customization with Mosaic Labels. Tailor each label to reflect your brand’s personality, whether it’s sleek and modern or classic and sophisticated. See how the flexibility of Mosaic Labels allows your brand to make a unique statement in the market. For instance, a craft beer company launching a new IPA will have customers wanting to buy all the different versions of their label due to each can having a different patterned background. 

Furthermore, Mosaic labels go beyond aesthetics – they become a canvas for your brand’s story and something to collect for their uniqueness. Not one product on that shelf will look the same. Yet, you can explore how these labels can convey your brand narrative, connecting with consumers on a deeper or fun level. From product origin to core values, let your labels tell a story that resonates.

A Bold New Look Ahead

In conclusion, Mosaic Labels represent more than a product enhancement; they signify a bold step into the future of branding. Elevate your brand’s visual appeal, tell your story with impact, and embrace innovation with Mosaic Labels from Grace Imaging. 

Ready to make a visual statement? Contact us today to explore how Mosaic Labels can bring a touch of artistry and precision to your brand. Let your labels become a masterpiece with Mosaic Labels – where every detail matters.   

Designer Spotlight: Get to know the Visionary Behind Our Mosaic Contest Winner

Meet the designer: Victoria Leu. The Mosaic contest winner.

In the realm of design, where imagination converges with skill, we are thrilled to showcase the brilliant designer behind our recent Mosaic Contest winner at Grace Imaging. Join us as we delve into the artistic journey of Victoria Leu, the visionary responsible for capturing our eyes with an extraordinary mosaic design. 

Victoria's Mosaic Vision: Exclusive Interview Questions Answered

From a myriad of entries, Victoria Leu’s creation emerged as the epitome of ingenuity, seamlessly blending digital art with a retro twist. She is currently pursuing a major in Visual Communication Technology at Owens Community College and is expecting to graduate with her associate’s degree in the spring of 2024. In a Q&A, Victoria Leu shares insights on the creation of her mosaic design.

  • What inspired the design concept and choice of colors and patterns for the mosaic label design? 

I, of course, am always keeping an eye out for inspiration, even when I am not working on a specific design. Walking through the grocery store and judging designs is one of my favorite hobbies. It is silly, but it is also refreshing! Once I chose orange as the flavor, I could draw from the colors and very simple shapes of the fruit. My inspiration was to build the design from simple shapes, using gradients to give it an interesting look. That led me to want to keep the logo very basic against the busy pattern. I was also trying to consider it being repeated and how each shape would look, whether turned, upside down, or in a different direction. You also get a sense of the flavor as soon as your eye hits the can! I have been attempting to build shapes and go back to the basics, rather than take too many ideas from outside references, to keep it authentic.

  • Can you share the creative process behind developing the winning design?

My creative process always starts from the same place: of brainstorming and sketching in my little red sketchbook. With this design, my idea really took off without many roadblocks. I eventually did a lot of scrolling on the web when it came to the text on bottle packaging.

  • Were there any specific challenges faced during the design process, and how were they overcome?

The challenges I recognized as designing were how I could easily stray from alcohol branding into just a wacky design. There are so many new innovative package designs now that don’t stay restricted to a genre. I didn’t want to get carried away! With the whole pattern itself, that was something new, putting together a layout. I was learning the best way to go about that, working from the outside in on the artboard.

  • How do you envision the mosaic label resonating with consumers or standing out on the shelves?

I think the vibrancy of the colors is what will make it stand out on the shelf. The color is very warm and enticing. I also think it does not have too many. The limited color palette emphasizes the orange flavor.

  • Were there alternative design concepts considered before settling on the mosaic theme?

I tossed around a few other flavor ideas, but once I settled on orange citrus, I knew the direction the design would go in. I considered giving it a more luxurious feel. I also considered that if there were to be more flavors, if it were a real brand, how would those other flavors have the same style while having a different pattern? This pattern design, I feel, could be replicated for other flavors, giving it flexibility.

  • What did you enjoy the most about this contest?

I enjoyed learning! Every contest, project, or collaboration is a chance to do something different. Working with Brittany Mihalec was amazing and eye-opening. It really solidified that this is the line of work I want to be in!

  • Tell us about your creative self and what made you pursue a career in graphic design.

I have always been creative and art-driven since I was small! My grandma always found a way to make anything creative, so I must get it from her. Design has become involved in every aspect of my life. Painting is a big hobby of mine and a big part of who I am, but graphic design is my passion and my career. After learning what graphic design truly was, I was able to understand the career I could make for myself. I am so happy to have a career that is so creative!

At Grace Imaging, we are not just printing custom labels for our customers; we are telling stories, and Victoria Leu has certainly woven a compelling narrative through her Mosaic masterpiece. 

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