Your Product’s Ultimate Guide to Durable Outdoor and Waterproof Labels

Outdoor and Waterproof Labels

As the winter sets in, ensuring your product labels can withstand the cold and wet conditions is crucial. Explore our guide to discover the best outdoor and waterproof labels that will keep your products looking sharp and professional even in damp and frigid conditions.

At Grace Amazing Labels, we create the highest quality labels to survive the toughest conditions, ensuring the label will last through the cold and condensation without peeling, smudging, or fading.

What Waterproof and Outdoor Material is Best for my Product?

We have a selection of materials designed for products including beverages, food, cosmetics, outdoor goods, wine, and spirits, and more. Here’s a categorized list of what label materials are best for your products in cold and wet conditions. We ensure that each material is durable, and waterproof provided below.

  • Best for Outdoor: White Vinyl with outdoor lamination
  • Best for Outdoor: White Polyester (water and UV safe) 
  • Best for Outdoor: Clear Polyester with outdoor lamination 
  • Best for Indoor: White BOPP (Removeable/Permanent) with outdoor lamination
  • Best for Indoor: White Polypropylene with UV lamination (for bumper stickers)
  • Best for Indoor: Clear BOPP (Permanent) with outdoor lamination
  • Best for Indoor: Silver BOPP (Permanent) with outdoor lamination

Grace Amazing Labels utilizes fade-resistant inks that have the longest duration in the industry without the need for expensive special coatings. Our durable outdoor labels can be used on power equipment, automobiles – and even a snowplow.

Freezer Labels 

  • Opaque White Semi-Gloss Paper (Permanent) 
  • White BOPP Freezer (permanent)
  • White Paper (Permanent) 

Made with material specific to freezer applications, our freezer labels are durable and won’t fall off your products when exposed to cold temperatures.

Beverage Label Materials: Waterproof and Durable 

  • White BOPP (Permanent/Removeable) 
  • Clear BOPP (Permanent)
  • Silver BOPP (Permanent)

When it comes to the beverage industry, a high-quality label is crucial for your product to stand out on the shelf. We create the highest quality labels to survive the toughest conditions, ensuring the label will last through the cold and condensation without peeling, smudging, or fading. 

Specialty “Ice-Bucket” Materials: Wine and Spirits 

  • White Latitude 
  • Diamond Allure 
  • Cotton
  • Matte Litho Wine Stock
  • Eggshell Wine Stock
  • Estate #8 Wine Stock
  • Estate #9 Wine Stock 
  • White Felt Wine Stock 

We recognize the necessity for eye-catching labels in every brand, particularly within the wine and spirits’ sector. Most of our specialty labels are designed to thrive in any environment, ensuring durability and resilience for your products.

NEW – Specialty Welded Materials 

  • Eggshell Welded
  • Matte Litho Welded
  • White Felt Welded
  • Estate #8 Welded 

Our newest welded materials offer design flexibility with options like embossing, debossing, foil, intricate die cuts, and ensure resilience in moist and wet conditions. By choosing this material it will boost durability and resistance to wear. 

By investing in outdoor and waterproof labels, you not only protect your products but also enhance their visual appeal. Make a lasting impression on your customers with labels that can brave wet and cold conditions while showcasing your brand with style and resilience.

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Grace is a wonderful company dedicated to excellent customer service. They are also generous with charitable donations. Highly recommend!
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