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Custom Labels LaBron Perfume

“Find Me” Perfumes Shine with Hot Stamp Foil Labels

Located in Belton, Texas, founded by independent owner Deborah LaBron, LaBron Perfume offers a unique collection of original and unique scents. 

Deborah LaBron began her career as a buyer for Macy’s, working in the fragrance, beauty, and bath division for five years. She found her love for fragrance when she changed paths and entered the pharmaceutical equipment division of Johnson & Johnson. This allowed her to analyze an individual’s chemistry. By 2014, Deborah made her passion for fragrance and understanding the unique individual chemical properties of the human body a reality by opening her first Star Dallas perfume shop. 

As a certified perfumer and perfume designer, Deborah founded LaBron Perfume. LaBron is a boutique/niche, indie, artisan fragrance company. All of her fragrances are hand-blended with luxurious perfume oils. Deborah’s perfumes are different as they cannot be found in department stores and are not designer fragrances. That makes LaBron Perfume’s original scents unique; they are boutique/niche. Yet, she blends her “artisan perfumes” by hand and counts each drop that goes into her perfume bottles rather than having them factory or mass-produced. 

In addition, Deborah LaBron is kind-hearted and makes sure you enjoy every scent you receive. The smell of LaBron’s perfumes is lovely and long-lasting. You can walk into a room without spraying her perfume and still smell it coming from the bottle.

Not to mention, LaBron Perfume carries an assortment of fragrances, perfumes, and cologne collections. However, the one that first caught our eyes is her “Find Me” Collection. Grace is honored to digitally print and hot stamp bright gold foil on this order, as well as others from her collections.

Custom Labels LaBron Perfume

On the other hand, Deborah’s naming for her “Find Me Collection” was also unique. Apparently, she listened to the song “Find Me” by Johnathan and Melissa Helser repeatedly until it resonated with her and became the name for her new collection, “Find Me.” This collection has ten different scents and names. They are: Find Me Grateful, Find Me Peaceful, Find Me Dancing, Find Me Dreaming, Find Me Joyful, Find Me Loving, Find Me Playful, Find Me Praying, Find Me Singing, and Find Me Thankful.

Both Deborah LaBron and Grace Imaging hope you will find your new favorite perfume and a love for hot stamped foil labels!

Check out LaBron Perfume’s website here.

Listen to the inspired song behind the “Find Me Collection” here

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