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Custom Stickers

Did you know that in addition to our amazing labels, Grace also makes custom stickers? The difference between labels and stickers can be confusing to some people, but in reality, it is all in how you look at the product that determines what it is! Labels are typically used on products to describe what they are or how to use them. Stickers can be used for personal use to raise awareness, support a cause or anything else that you want them to do.

Custom Stickers

For our customer’s convenience, Grace is able to print and cut stickers in a variety of ways. When we send you our amazing products, they can be on a roll, individually cut, or “sheeted” into sheets of labels in whatever dimensions you may need.

To see our sheeter cutting stickers for Toledo Spirits, click here.

Because stickers can be used for so many things, Grace offers a variety of materials and finishes for our customers to choose from. Stickers can be removable or non-removable and can be fade and weather-resistant for outdoor use. Our team at Grace can help you find the best materials for your individual project, just give us a call!

Take it from our customers...

Toledo Spirits
We ran out of our Fox Trot labels and had a big release coming up and Grace imaging came thru to get us our labels the next day.
Abelha Organic Cachaca
We approached Grace as we needed someone with the expertise to handle delivering a unique label very quickly. The Grace team was able to meet and exceed all of our needs, and help us create a beautiful, high-quality label that was on time and on target.
Sandy with The Victory Center
Grace is a wonderful company dedicated to excellent customer service. They are also generous with charitable donations. Highly recommend!
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