Hot Stamp vs. Foil Labels – What’s the difference?

Hot stamped and Silver foil labeled spirit bottles.

Are you trying to decide whether the labels you are looking at is hot-stamped or on silver foil? Well, we have a quick trick to help. These are both popular options to achieve the desired metallic and shiny appearance to attract your customers’ attention.

Know the Label Tricks

The trick to knowing whether you have a hot-stamped label or a silver foil label is checking the back of the labels. It’s that simple. Once you peel the label back, you’ll either see silver foil or a pure white backing of the label.

  • If you see a silver foil backing on the label, it is metallic foil (Silver BOPP).
  • If you see a pure white backing on the label, it is hot stamped.

The Different Appearances

You might wonder if there is a difference in the appearance of silver foil and hot stamped labels. Well, silver foil (silver BOPP) has a brushed steel look and shows shimmering colors in the light. As ink colors are applied on foils, the silver coloring of the material will no longer show, and your ink colors will take on the magnificent properties of the metallic material.

On the other hand, hot-stamped labels are selective in where the shiny appearance lies on the label. Hot-stamp foil imprints can be applied to almost any material to create an eye-catching, quality label. Personally, if you like simplicity, you’d want to hot-stamp your label verses an overall metallic foil look.

Overall, there are similarities and differences between silver foil and hot stamping. It all depends on the overall look you are trying to achieve with your label design.

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