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Hot Stamped and Embossed Labels

In any given moment at a store, labels are the first thing to attract the human eye to your product. When companies enhance their designs with embellished labels and packaging, the more people will want to purchase this product and perhaps display it in their homes. For this reason, this product has gained value, which is why every good label design can use some extra enrichment, as it is representing your brand and product. For instance, hot stamping and embossing can amplify your label design and give your products the high-quality labeling they deserve. Here are some options to consider and how they can enrich your label’s design.

Hot Stamp Foil Imprints

How hot foil stamping is used

The process of pressing engraved foil into your label stock with heat and pressure is known as “hot stamp foil imprinting”. In order to foil imprint your design into your label stock, it requires a copper plate. The copper plate has your engraved design on it and is put into the hot stamp machine to heat-press the foil imprint into your label stock. As a result, your design on the copper plate is now on your product’s label, with an added decorative effect that stands out from the rest.

How hot foil stamping will enrich your label

By hot-foil stamping, you add a highly refined and elegant look to your label and product. The shiny, metallic appearance of these labels is what catches the human eye. There are over 30 standard hot stamp foil imprints to choose from (at Grace Imaging) that pair beautifully with most standard and specialty materials. Between the different foils and materials, hot foil stamping offers your brand and product the potential it deserves. For instance, bright and dull gold foil is a great way to enhance your text or even provide a border around your design to add an extra pop to your label that helps your product look high in quality.

Le Petit Pouf | Hot Stamped Label


How embossing is used                                                                                                                                      Embossing involves pressing an image into label stock and over your design to raise it above the label. For instance, embossing requires a separate plate from hot stamping in order to use the plate in the embossing machine to press your design onto the finished label. Indeed, embossing occurs after the label has been digitally printed and even hot stamped. It creates a label that customers will want to touch and feel.

How embossing will enrich your label
To be clear, embossing is used to make elements of your label stand out and be visually appealing. You can enhance the attractiveness of your label, by creating a high-end, unforgettable embossed label. By embossing your text or a certain pattern on your label, customers are more likely to feel the difference between your packaging and packaging that is not enhanced. In this case, it is a beautiful and amazing process to emboss and hot stamp your label to create an outstanding product on the outside to match the inside. Nothing looks better than a label that has a shiny, metallic appearance and something to touch and feel.

Embossed Labels.

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