Why Choosing the Right Label Material is Critical

Why Choosing the Right Label Material is Critical

With nearly endless options of label materials to choose from, it’s easy to get caught up in the variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses available. However, it’s critical to stay focused and for both novice and seasoned customers to select the right label materials by first determining what a label will be applied to and how a product will be used.

Product use and application should be key drivers in a label material decision. If your labels don’t hold up to use or they don’t stick to their intended surface, you won’t be happy with your material selection.

Materials are product specific?
Yes. Although there are some materials that can be used for a variety of label applications, it’s common to see materials that work better for specific label needs. Keeping in mind if your label will be exposed to rain or sun, used in the shower or sinks areas, or subject to inside contents are all key to choosing the right material. Labels that are exposed to oils, heat, or water can react or disengage from their surface if used incorrectly. Label materials can also be specific to container types. Squeezable materials will even hold up to the wear and tear of consumer use of flexible containers and ensure that the label is intact throughout the life of the product.

Do label surfaces really matter?
Yes, again! Labels stick to surfaces in many different ways. Some surfaces are smooth, which makes adhering easy, but not always, and taking your surface into consideration is important.  Surfaces can range from matte and smooth to textured and course.  All label purchasers will need to take into account if they are applying their label to an outside surface or a surface that may get exposed to heat or extreme cold. Making the right material decisions will increase the life of your labels.

It’s time to get fancy.
Now that you’ve taken into consideration what your label will be used on and how it will be used, you can consider selecting a material that meets these qualifications but also offers visual appeal.  Dynamic labels that stand out from the rest use materials to their highest potential.  Need a permanent label but want a metallic look? Try using a silver material. Need a label that will resist moisture yet still have a high-end textured feel? Try one of our elegant Estate materials that customers will want to reach out and touch!  

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