The Winery North of 12
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The Winery North of 12 opened on April 24. While this is surely not the opening that they were anticipating, they have adapted to the situation and are currently offering wine bottle “to-go” sales. In order to get ready for their opening, they needed several different versions of wine bottle labels that were high quality and customized to their specific needs.

With eight copies of North of 12’s labels to print, Grace was excited to help! North of 12 decided to use an Estate 8 textured wine stock to give the labels a high quality look and feel. With the artwork that they chose to use on their labels, the ink created smooth, sharp lines that made the designs pop. The Grace team produced some amazing labels that appeared to have the ink painted onto the wine stock.

If you are interested in creating a high quality, unique look for your products, reach out to Grace today! Our team is ready and willing to help you with artwork and material choices that will look best on your product.